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    WHOA! Sorry about that… have been in a bit of a whirl wind for the last few months… and am only now trying to come up for air…. water is still a bit…

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    Goodbye Robot

    My brother wrote a eulogy, my sons picked flowers for her grave… and Darryn dug it. Sadly, despite a week of antibiotics and being hand fed mashed banana, apple and porridge… Robot (the…

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    We have a very sick chook. It’s so awful to see a beautiful, healthy bird scratching around one day and the next to see them swooning and unable to eat. Feeling helpless and…

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    Life in the country can be hazardous! At a park with the boys on their bikes and a big grey kangaroo came bounding along being chased by swooping magpies, all of a sudden…

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    Moving In

    What a week of madness! Boxes galore, piles of clothes and the boys discovering old toys and exploring their new home and garden. I LOVE playing house!! The tree house and swing have…

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