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Communal Garlic

Isn’t it incredible the way food brings people together. It seems to be the glue of our social fabric…. food is always there. Sometimes it lurks in the wings and you hardly notice the doughy biscuit that slips down with the weak tea in a meeting, whilst it always hails as the main event at a family Christmas…. but sometimes, if you’re lucky, it brings new people into your life and cements a friendship. My family got lucky…. and we have garlic to thank!

plantinggarlic plantinggarlicwithkids garlicinground

Our family met Antonio and his family last year as we were all wallowing at a local waterfall swimming hole one stunning afternoon. We’ve since become good friends, but it has been garlic that has cemented the deal. Antonio had been cultivating his own organic garlic seed for many years, and then found himself between homes at time of planting, so asked us and another local family if he could plant on our properties and then we can share the crop. I just love this idea, communal garlic… and by November it certainly will be Peak Garlic!


Not only does Antonio get to continue the blood line of his beloved garlic, but we’ll get some free garlic and the beginnings of our own bloodline… and best of all, it’s brought our families closer together. Thank you garlic, and thank you Antonio. Stay tuned for Antonio’s tips on plaiting the garlic at the end of the year!



  • Fiona

    What a lovely thing to do.
    Here’s a great remedy…it tastes better than it sounds and keeps you healthy

    Chop a couple of cloves of garlic into a fine dice put in a little bowl. Squeeze over the juice of a lemon and leave it for about an hour. You can add a little sugar if you like. Eat just before bed time. Make sure you brush your teeth…and no it’s not for the garlic, you don’t want raw lemon juice eating the enamel of your teeth while you sleep.

    P.s. if you don’t sleep alone you may want to share the dose

    • Kirstine

      hmmmm…. will have to give it a go Fi. I love cutting a tomato into 8 pieces, and also a clove and slipping the clove segments into the tomatoe segments (all raw)… a sprinkle of salt and munch it up! YUM!!!

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