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Busy garden

I took a few quick photos in the garden today… and I really loved one random picture of…. well it’s of nothing really, but I see so much!! Such a giving garden…. THANK YOU!!! I haven’t bought vegetables for months!In this one frame alone I can see…. tomatoes, broccoli, sweet potatoes, hydrangea cuttings (food for the soul), spinach, silverbeet, oregano, thyme, chives, sage, lavender, snow peas, beetroot, basil, leek, lemon grass and rocket… and at the very back… I see the bottom of the blackcurrant bush. YUM!

gardenCU cucumber yellowtoms lavenderCU


  • Kirstine

    Trim, trim, trim Tim!!! Lavender will go leggy if you don’t and if it doesn’t get enough sun… it will go searching for it! If you want nice, straight lavender put it in full sun and it will thrive. But even then it loves a good trim. Cut off the flowers when they die off. I cut the flower stems right down. Don’t cut back into the old wood, it doesn’t seem to like that much, so cut the soft wood when you see it starting to stray and keep a nice dense shape. I love lavender. I found lavender and roibos tea no so long ago… yum!!!

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