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I’m not talking about the wonderful food sharing that happens between friends and family, although that is particularly special, and very appreciated. I’m talking about within your own garden. Yesterday I discovered over 30 cos lettuce seedlings sprouting around my compost heap. They’d obviously sprung up after I’d let a few plants go to seed.  Half the pumpkins crawling their way around our food forest emerged from homemade compost, as did over 8 tomato plants which are towering around the garden, their lofty heights hindered only slightly by their heavy loads (it seems the self seeded tomatoes are much more fruitful than the rest… survival of the fittest in action!).   Not only were all these yummy treats free – ie. they’d self seeded themselves and I haven’t spent a cent, but they were also free of labor and it goes without saying in an organic garden, but they are free of chemicals too. Free, free, free.




  • Kirstine

    Hey Tim. Great that you got your ten toms! Is it still bearing fruit even though looking a little sick? If some of the leaves look a little unhealthy try plucking them off, this shouldn’t effect any growing fruit. Another good tip to encourage fruit production instead of general plant growth is to remove any new shoots that appear just above the existing branches. As you see them budding just pinch them out.

  • Tim

    We bought a tomato plant and it quadrupled in size in two months, bore about ten golf ball sized tomatoes and is now doing a good impression of dying… is that normal?? 🙁

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