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Nosey Little Rosey

Like everyone, I have the best mum in the world…. but the difference is… my mum really is!!!! 🙂

Not only is mum the most amazing person, educator, musician, speaks four languages, sings beautifully, travels the world etc. etc. etc…. but she is a beautiful children’s author… just not published… YET!

For mum’s 60th in November I completed illustrations for one of her gorgeous children’s stories “Nosey Little Rosey”. A  lovely tale about an Echidna exploring her world.  For mum’s birthday I produced a couple of copies… even bound them myself. But now I’m hoping we can take it to a publisher and get it out there for all to enjoy!

Here are a few of the images from the book…. obviously without text… you’ll have to buy the book for that! 🙂

Rosey going up, uP, UP!

Satin Bower Bird – pencil, paper and watercolour


Playing hide and seek



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