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I love sage – especially when my sister makes crunchy burnt sage butter to coat her delicious pasta meals… YUM! Not only am I lucky enough to already have a number of established, albeit scrawny, sage bushes in the garden… but recently our garden was visited by two sages…. my lovely uncle Lumbs!

My uncles are amazing men…. some call one a wizard… and if the definition of a wizard is a wise man… a man who has a special presence and commands a certain energy… then yep, he’s a wizard! Both of these men have made impressive and distinguished careers in horticulture of some form… they know and love their plants. Fortunately for me they are both experts in cool climate gardens and of this area in particular. So… I followed them around the garden as they wafted about from tree to tree, Latin titles rolling from their tongues as they touched limbs, stroked foliage… as if greeting old friends. My pencil scribbling everything down in my notebook… I hope I can understand it’s scrawl at a later date… there was much magic being wielded that weekend.




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