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Reclaiming / Recycling Furniture

About 3 and a half years ago I rescued this desk…. a tired old teachers desk, heavily french polished, badly watermarked and covered in deep scratches. After a scrub with methylated spirits and steel wool it was back to it’s original beauty… and a light sand and lime-wash had it glowing! It’s been my treasured desk ever since.

My craft table / desk / sewing table.

Softly lime washed – gives a beautiful milky effect to the timber.


This desk rescued me back.   It showed me the error of my new furniture buying ways. Why buy new when I can buy something MUCH cheaper, that has far more character, is not costing the earth in manufacturing something new, is giving new life to something that might otherwise end up in landfill, AND is not only fun to do, but means my home can be filled with things that I’ve created…. which feels REALLY good.

I’ve since taken a hand-me-down pine set of draws that I had tired of… and with a quick lick of paint and a light distress… I’m back in love with.


Mirror. Painted light grey (Albatross white), distressed and then rubbed back in with white paint to give milky effect.

Likewise an old (and slightly cracked but totally useable) mirror that was pine and again a little tired… now something of beauty again.


The list goes on… Josh’s bed, a $45 Vinnies find that was in need of a good paint but little else.

josh's bed
After two years of being loved by Josh, it has a few battle wounds!

And in varying states of rescue are two new additions…. a gorgeous set of drawers (top section is separate, an old teak filing cabinet I found locally) that I use to house all my craft bits and pieces – purchased at the local tip shop for $30.

craft cupboard
Drawers still in need of some handles, and top section yet to be mounted to the wall, but nicely patched by my clever husband!

This stand was also found at the tip shop for $15 …. it needs a little more TLC… a missing leg, a cracked leg and a split top… but all able to be fixed… and I think looks absolutely gorgeous, and fits perfectly with our not so perfect house. Just like the table there are a few cracks and bits missing… beautiful.

tip table
Yet to be given a new foot and glued together in a few crucial places… but amazing what a good clean will do and what you can find at the tip!!!


The kids craft table is another $15 tip find. Apart from a clean, I haven’t touched it… what’s the point when a 4 and 2 year old attack it each day?!




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