Picking Pumpkins

I went on a treasure hunt with my sister this morning…. we were harvesting our pumpkins! Aren’t they gorgeous. What amazing colours, patterns and textures. Ahhhh, the taste of winter…. homemade pumpkin soup coming up!

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Chicken farmers?

Ummm…. at what point does one officially become a chicken farmer? And does it count if you didn’t really mean to do it?

Somehow we’ve gone from two fluffy chooks scratching about the garden to…. 15!!!! Officially the most recent 8 aren’t yet scratching about the garden, they’re still chirping away in our dining room.  After purchasing the gorgeous Faverolle’s (3 of which have turned into roosters…. and will soon be up for grabs by the way!), the boys childcare had some chickens hatch, and they had to get rid of them. We agreed to three….. we came home with 8. Not really sure how, why or what they are even…. but they certainly are VERY cute and provide hours of entertainment for both big and little kids in the house.

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A Year of Flowers at Greenlaw

It’s been almost a year now that I have been pinching myself… making sure this house, our home, wasn’t just a dream. One of the delights of life at Greenlaw has been the changing of seasons… watching one part of the garden fade as another bursts into life. Whoever is responsible for establishing this garden, THANK YOU, for you have given us such a special place. Here is a little floral tribute … some of Greenlaw’s beauties.

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Josh’s little friends

I am such a proud mum. I have a little eco/wildlife warrior as a son. Josh is besotted with animals. At the moment he wanders around with little skinks he has caught in the garden.  The gorgeous little things quite happily get patted, run around his arms, legs and neck… even sit on the bathroom sink waiting patiently for Josh to finish washing his hands! And when it’s time to release (cue the tears), they often don’t even run away… which doesn’t help my argument that they want to go back to their family!


BEE Beautiful!

Aren’t these sandals gorgeous… and they come in all sorts of delicious shades. But there is more… these are GORGEOUSLY GREEN! Not only are they made from recycled rubber by an Australian company (My Honeybees www.myhoneybees.com.au), but the company donates $2 from every pair sold to CSIRO scientist Dr Denis Anderson’s Bees Downunder Foundation (www.beesdownunder.com). There is a reported global decline in honeybees and the thinking is that without honeybees we would all starve within 5 years. So, Dr Anderson’s mission is to ensure sustainable health for Australian honeybees. A worthwhile cause I thought AND I get to wear one pair of these stunning sandals. The other lucky recipient is… well that’s a secret for now!