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New toothbrushes and paste for kids has arrived in the post. I LOVE these!!! The toothpaste is safe for kids to swallow – no nasties – and comes in yummy flavours. Our favourites are blueberries and blackcurrant. The brushes are so cute, a tourquoise bunny or purple hippo – but all made from corn – no horrible plastic AND it can be composted! So good for our planet too. Go Green in Style I say!


I buy online –

If you’re after an adult eco friendly brush, I use the “Environmentally Friendly Toothbrush”, which is made of bamboo (a very sustainable timber). It is a little bit funny to use for the first few weeks (just getting used to the taste of the timber)… but after that there is no difference to using a normal toothbrush… oh except that you’re being much kinder to the planet!!!


I also buy these on-line (, in bulk… and popped them under the name tags on my family’s Christmas presents last year.

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