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Didn’t ever think I’d get excited about compost… but Josh summed it up after I explained how compost works… “So worms eat our old food and turn it into dirt so we can grow more food? Mummy that’s amazing”.

So I’d been prowling around the grounds looking for the perfect compost site and believed I’d found it… WRONG!

The side of the wood store looked perfect – close to the orchard and proposed veggie patch and at the northern section of the property – so nice and warm. I’d like to build a three bay compost system eventually, so the space was adequate. As my kitchen compost bin was overflowing and being explored by Tomas, I had to make a temporary pile so decided to hack back the pesky unknown vine that was choking the fence and what I thought might be a struggling infant peach tree. I wasn’t gentle.

I was then ready to plonk down some sugar cane mulch on top of the fallen autumn leaves, but fortunately remembered the magic compost ingredient… soil! So I raked back the leaves and dug down a little so I could use this soil in the compost….. it was then I found the sewer. Fortunately we happened to have a plumber at the house fixing taps so got him to come and check it out… yep the access to the sewer line, that could have got veeeery messy! Tip for beginners, always check what is under those leaves!!!

Looks like I’m moving the compost over and will totally lose that pesky sprawling vine…. what’s that Daz? A rambling rose? Hmmmm, guess it just got its winter prune… and I’m looking for a new home for the compost and a plant identification book!!!

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