The Chook Shed

Buying an old dairy farm has it’s advantages, you get old outbuildings too! So, our ‘chooks to be’ will have the pleasure of a very cool old shed to call home. But first to make it chook proof…. and step number one is to remove the mountain of oak leaves from inside along with the 10 million resident spiders!!!!!!!! Actually I think the number of spiders Darryn’s mum and I actually counted as we cleaned it was probably under 10…. but the shed was THICK, inside and out, with webs… hence why Daz had his mum helping me clean and he offered to look after the boys for the afternoon!!! He quickly redeemed himself though by doing an incredibly thorough job of insulating, waterproofing and wrapping the entire shed in bird wire. He then built four gorgeous little nesting boxes and made a door… cladding it beautifully in the old wood he’d removed from the nesting box section, so the door blends beautifully in it’s aged timber.

The nesting box flap was painted by Josh and myself….


Now to source some chickens lucky enough to call this place home – in the meantime Josh and Tomas have taken it over as their shop!

The fake chook – Thanks Daz!

Birds and Bikes

Cycling home from the boys childcare centre as the sun was starting to slump into the western hills I saw in the dying shafts of light and in the exhillerated faces of my children, why we have moved to the ‘country’…. open spaces, quality time with family, fresh air and natural beauty.

We’ve started to explore our new surrounds by bike – boys in baby seats on the back – their little bodies swaddled in mittens, scarves and helmets. You see so many more details when you’re traveling at bike speed (I’m searching for fence, gate and garden inspiration), you get a cheery greeting from locals, and all the while… exercise! The Bong Bong track that encircles Bowral is only a couple of blocks from our house, so very excited about future adventures.

One of the real treats of the area, and very pleasingly our home, is the abundance of bird life. We’ve been visited by flocks of white cockatoos, galahs, currawongs, magpies, kookaburras, a hungry butcher bird, many types of colourful parrots and my absolute favourite…. a huge flock of  about 30 yellow tail black cockatoos wield their way around the skies above our home at least once a day… sometimes on three or four occasions. They love the large Liquid Amber that drapes over the back of our house and the tall stand of pines on the boundary. Their screeches are quite haunting and archaic, you could almost expect a large triceratops to appear over the horizon.  To have these special creatures around is so precious and every time their calls scratch their way through my day, it brings a smile to my face.

Moving In

What a week of madness! Boxes galore, piles of clothes and the boys discovering old toys and exploring their new home and garden. I LOVE playing house!! The tree house and swing have been a big hit with the kids, as is the toy room and warm attic room.  Our furniture and decorations look like they were made for the house, well, maybe I did buy them for the place I would one day own, my dream home. Here it is!! YAY! Still can’t quite believe it!! The more I get to know this place the more I love it. So much to do though and mainly unpacking – I’m itching to get out in the garden. Funnily enough the inside painting etc doesn’t seem that necessary right now.

I already feel at home.