Nosey Little Rosey

Like everyone, I have the best mum in the world…. but the difference is… my mum really is!!!! :)

Not only is mum the most amazing person, educator, musician, speaks four languages, sings beautifully, travels the world etc. etc. etc…. but she is a beautiful children’s author… just not published… YET!

For mum’s 60th in November I completed illustrations for one of her gorgeous children’s stories “Nosey Little Rosey”. A  lovely tale about an Echidna exploring her world.  For mum’s birthday I produced a couple of copies… even bound them myself. But now I’m hoping we can take it to a publisher and get it out there for all to enjoy!

Here are a few of the images from the book…. obviously without text… you’ll have to buy the book for that! :)

Rosey going up, uP, UP!

Satin Bower Bird – pencil, paper and watercolour


Playing hide and seek



I can’t believe I haven’t ranted about this earlier…. but whilst I’ve been sowing lots of seeds of late… I’ve also been sewing LOTS of curtains!!!

Arriving in an old timber home that no longer has anything straight or sealed just in time for winter is …. chilly to say the least. To top it off, the curtains that were meant to come with the sale, didn’t. So… so… SEW!!!  Admittedly I did purchase a few ready made block out curtains… four to be precise… but the other four (I’m technically claiming 8 as I made block out curtains to hang behind the curtains during winter)… I managed to bumble through. Thankfully my wonderfully talented mother-in-law was on hand for curtain number one and passed on much of her curtain making knowledge.   The end result, I LOVE.  The weighty block-out curtain can be removed easily so in summer the light will filter beautifully through the white linen. Linen by the way is not only a beautiful material to work with and live with… but nice to know it is rather eco friendly too.   Linen is made from flax and is highly sustainable as the whole plant can be used in various ways and it is easily washed at low temperatures (thankfully as my washing machine has no hot water connected to it!).

Might be a while before you see any other sewing projects…. only so many curtains one person can face in such a short amount of time!!!


Crafty Kids Space

I love setting up special spaces for the kids in our new home. We have decided to put the boys in the same room, despite space allowing for a room each, I think it’s good for brotherly bonding. They are very lucky little boys, they have french doors from their bedroom leading into the lovely enclosed verandah room, now known as ‘The Toy Room’. I’m going to keep their bedroom calm and relaxing whilst all the visual stimulation can happen in the toy room.

Looking around their rooms I just love seeing all the little homemade bits and pieces I have made them and I hope it helps to make them feel that little bit more loved! Another dialect for my language of love.

So far there is;

Josh’s bedspread (which is reversible for when he grows out of the animal motifs)

Patchwork quilts for both boys

 Owl cushions

  and car cushion (in pic with crochet blankets below).



 LOTS art (for pics see

And a table house – One end a puppet theatre, the other a fire engine, one side a pirate ship, the other a house entrance. HOURS of entertainment!!

And for added love:


A crochet blanket each – one by their GREAT GREAT grandma Renee (it was originally mine), the other a recently acquired one from GREAT grandma Marion (Thanks Grandma!).

A shop / kitchen / multi-purpose stand made by their Poppa Lumb many moons ago and has done the rounds in many family homes in various incarnations.

  A cute toy tent complete with sleeping bags and pillows by Grandma Kerrie.

A marvelous race track (formerly Darryn’s) by Grandma Olly.

A stunningly carved rocking horse by the very talented Grandad Ian.

What lucky little boys they are to have such crafty people around them who love them so much to want to invest so much time into these gorgeous handmade gifts – the best.

Reclaiming / Recycling Furniture

About 3 and a half years ago I rescued this desk…. a tired old teachers desk, heavily french polished, badly watermarked and covered in deep scratches. After a scrub with methylated spirits and steel wool it was back to it’s original beauty… and a light sand and lime-wash had it glowing! It’s been my treasured desk ever since.

My craft table / desk / sewing table.

Softly lime washed – gives a beautiful milky effect to the timber.


This desk rescued me back.   It showed me the error of my new furniture buying ways. Why buy new when I can buy something MUCH cheaper, that has far more character, is not costing the earth in manufacturing something new, is giving new life to something that might otherwise end up in landfill, AND is not only fun to do, but means my home can be filled with things that I’ve created…. which feels REALLY good.

I’ve since taken a hand-me-down pine set of draws that I had tired of… and with a quick lick of paint and a light distress… I’m back in love with.



Mirror. Painted light grey (Albatross white), distressed and then rubbed back in with white paint to give milky effect.

Likewise an old (and slightly cracked but totally useable) mirror that was pine and again a little tired… now something of beauty again.


The list goes on… Josh’s bed, a $45 Vinnies find that was in need of a good paint but little else.

josh's bed

After two years of being loved by Josh, it has a few battle wounds!

And in varying states of rescue are two new additions…. a gorgeous set of drawers (top section is separate, an old teak filing cabinet I found locally) that I use to house all my craft bits and pieces – purchased at the local tip shop for $30.

craft cupboard

Drawers still in need of some handles, and top section yet to be mounted to the wall, but nicely patched by my clever husband!

This stand was also found at the tip shop for $15 …. it needs a little more TLC… a missing leg, a cracked leg and a split top… but all able to be fixed… and I think looks absolutely gorgeous, and fits perfectly with our not so perfect house. Just like the table there are a few cracks and bits missing… beautiful.

tip table

Yet to be given a new foot and glued together in a few crucial places… but amazing what a good clean will do and what you can find at the tip!!!


The kids craft table is another $15 tip find. Apart from a clean, I haven’t touched it… what’s the point when a 4 and 2 year old attack it each day?!





In danger of supporting another commercial marketing invention …. I invited some friends from Sydney down for CHRISTMAS IN JULY!!!  BUT…. really, is there anything wrong with hauling out the beautiful Christmas decorations that generally only get to see daylight one month in the year…. letting them hang over a REAL fire and drinking warmed gluvine around them whilst rugged up and eating HOT pork crackling and stuffed turkey? It’s the closest I’ll get to one of those heavy with snow Christmas cards whilst still here in Oz.

The weekend was glorious – warm sunny weather during the day for the kids to clamber about in the tree house and make decorations to hang in their outdoor Christmas tree (freshly cut from the garden!). Mountains of yummy food (minus the parmesan potatoes that I managed in incinerate in the oven!)… and presents of course! BUT… special presents.. homemade presents, and nothing that would cost more than $10 to create! Well… it’s amazing the talents that pop up when pushed…. the haul included recycled timber boxes, shadow puppets, embroidered aprons, jam, patchwork skirts, pickled people (no, not real people… the old stocking and stick on eye variety!!), bag tags etc…. but Steve took the award for most inventive (and probably most time consuming) gift… I actually find it hard to describe, essentially it was just a book that needed to be opened….. but to do so was something ‘The Da Vinci Code’ would have been proud of!