Headless Rooster Hunt

It was a mix between a scene out of a Monty Python skit with me awaiting the calls of “bring out your dead”… and a gruesome treasure hunt, and I’m glad I had a willing husband and two fascinated sons to carry out the clean up.  Keeping chooks isn’t all cuddles and fresh eggs on toast…. no, turns out things can get ugly.

I had been dreading this day all week… a day we’d planned with a friend to “modify”, as he put it, our four remaining roosters. It wasn’t the ‘modifying’ (read culling) I was dreading, or even the cooking of them to turn into home reared soup and stock… but the plucking. I was determined to do it though as I figured if I was prepared to eat chicken, I should be prepared to prepared them!!   However, in a sad and very strange way, I was spared from the dreaded task. As ‘they’ say… “Careful what you wish for”!  It was about 5am when I realised something was wrong…. the property was silent…. no roosters proudly announcing the break of day…hmmm… strange. Darryn went to investigate… turns out Mr /Mrs Fox / feral Cat had beaten us to the task. And here comes the gruesome treasure hunt bit…. headless roosters were deposited around the property… only one unaccounted for and presumably consumed that night. Out came the wheelbarrow and shovel. Such a waste. At least the garden will benefit from an extra mineral boost… but I really was looking forward to cramming the freezer full of fresh stock.




  1. Fiona

    Hi Kirst,
    When I was child we had chooks and every so often we would remodel them into Sunday roast. After Dad had given them a very merciful end they were hung on the cloths line to bleed. We then very quickly dipped them in boiling hot tins of water to make the plucking a bit easier. It all sounds very gruesome, however I have grown up to have a very healthy respect for animals and what they provide.

    Good Luck next time.

    Fi x

    Comment — August 25, 2013 @ 2:26 am

  2. brooke

    Talk about timing!!!

    Comment — August 25, 2013 @ 6:36 am

  3. Sarah

    Hi Kirst,

    I have so enjoyed catching up on your blog! Sad to hear about your chooks though xxx

    Comment — September 21, 2013 @ 6:08 pm

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