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BEE Beautiful!

Aren’t these sandals gorgeous… and they come in all sorts of delicious shades. But there is more… these are GORGEOUSLY GREEN! Not only are they made from recycled rubber by an Australian company (My Honeybees, but the company donates $2 from every pair sold to CSIRO scientist Dr Denis Anderson’s Bees Downunder Foundation ( There is a reported global decline in honeybees and the thinking is that without honeybees we would all starve within 5 years. So, Dr Anderson’s mission is to ensure sustainable health for Australian honeybees. A worthwhile cause I thought AND I get to wear one pair of these stunning sandals. The other lucky recipient is… well that’s a secret for now!



  • Fifi

    Lovely sandals Kirst……even the box they come in looks pretty. We take so much of what nature provides for granted…. Bees are another example; and like everything…….it’s all connected. Xx

  • Kirstine

    Yep – eco friendly box too! And yes, poor bees. Another reason to be organic in the garden, some of the products used to discourage pests etc. can disorientate bees and they can’t find their way back to their hives.

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