Crafty Kids Space

I love setting up special spaces for the kids in our new home. We have decided to put the boys in the same room, despite space allowing for a room each, I think it’s good for brotherly bonding. They are very lucky little boys, they have french doors from their bedroom leading into the lovely enclosed verandah room, now known as ‘The Toy Room’. I’m going to keep their bedroom calm and relaxing whilst all the visual stimulation can happen in the toy room.

Looking around their rooms I just love seeing all the little homemade bits and pieces I have made them and I hope it helps to make them feel that little bit more loved! Another dialect for my language of love.

So far there is;

Josh’s bedspread (which is reversible for when he grows out of the animal motifs)

Patchwork quilts for both boys

 Owl cushions

  and car cushion (in pic with crochet blankets below).



 LOTS art (for pics see

And a table house – One end a puppet theatre, the other a fire engine, one side a pirate ship, the other a house entrance. HOURS of entertainment!!

And for added love:


A crochet blanket each – one by their GREAT GREAT grandma Renee (it was originally mine), the other a recently acquired one from GREAT grandma Marion (Thanks Grandma!).

A shop / kitchen / multi-purpose stand made by their Poppa Lumb many moons ago and has done the rounds in many family homes in various incarnations.

  A cute toy tent complete with sleeping bags and pillows by Grandma Kerrie.

A marvelous race track (formerly Darryn’s) by Grandma Olly.

A stunningly carved rocking horse by the very talented Grandad Ian.

What lucky little boys they are to have such crafty people around them who love them so much to want to invest so much time into these gorgeous handmade gifts – the best.

The veggie garden giving already!

Anyone need rocket? I may have over estimated how prolific rocket is, and how much I can eat…. none of the boys are overly fond of this most delicious leaf!!!

But seriously, I know I probably planted a little too early, my heart overriding my head again… but it seems to have paid off. I haven’t bought lettuce, spinach, spring onions or herbs for weeks!

The carrots, potatoes, corn, beans, raddish, bok choy, tomato and broccoli seeds are all popping through the soil and I feel like it’s Christmas!

Is it weird that I feel maternal towards veggies? It really is a lovely relationship though… nurturing them, watching them grow… and they give back so much.

We are only at the beginning of spring and the difference from four months ago is quite impressive. So far the only issues are weeds – I’m getting quite a few  from the raised beds that were totally overgrown and infested with every weed / grass known…But according to a good friend and great gardener -Jon Foote or the Barefoot Gardener ( – I should embrace weeds! Consider them embraced Jon… one less chore!  The only pests are these Portugese worm things that are ALL OVER our home and property… they LOVE lettuce and spinach it turns out. Josh and I put our organic pest eradication method to the test today…. me plucking them out… him giving them a close up look at the bottom of a gumboot (sorry little guys, but eat outside the veggie patch and I’ll leave you alone). Apparently setting up little light traps imbedded into the soil can work wonders… another project!

  What has worked to contain these pests is my planting strategy of mixing up plantings, ie. NOT having all my lettuce together… rather, having them strewn throughout the garden and companion planting. The result… the pest has had a good attack at one little patch of lettuce… but hasn’t found the rest!


I can’t wait to be saving seeds from my own garden, each year hopefully our food production will be getting cheaper and more self sufficient. I managed to save seeds from my Manly Vale Community Garden plot (of which I was a member before moving down here)… and have sewn both the tomato and bok choy… fingers crossed!!!

BUT, until I have my own seed bank I’m planting a mix of seedlings and seeds. I’ve used an old pallet as a really effective outdoor shelving unit for the planting pots.

Unfortunately not toddler proof… the broccoli may not make it… I found Tomas and friend “stirring” the broccoli pots the other day!!!